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How Sensationally Traditional Advertising Strategy Has Progressed and Changed Over the Years?

Tradition advertising

The advertisement world has evolved a lot in the past 200 years or so. The practice, although started in the ancient civilization times, became a common procedure completely in the 1900s. That time, newspaper and magazine messages were the most common formats of placing an advert. Businesses still love using the… Read more »

Factors Affecting the Level of Media Buying

Factors affecting the level of media buying

Media buying is one of the most important aspects of advertising that companies all around the world practice religiously. With the process, advertisers secure and buy media assets to increase their advertisement inventory and roadmap. Media buying also takes into account the fact that willing companies have to negotiate prices… Read more »

How Advertising Marketplace Aggregators Are Changing the Industry for Media Sellers

Media Selling has always been a profession that has served the advertising trade with full flair and determination. The whole process of an advertisement depends on media sellers, as subsequently, they are ones that offer great deals and assets to willing advertisers. However, even the media sellers need help and… Read more »

5 Tips on How to Successfully Run Your Own Advertisement Campaign

Successfully Run Your Own Advertisement Campaign

If a company or an organization wants to serve its population in the best way, then it has to offer them the best product or service at reasonable and competitive prices first. Quality and proper valuation are indeed one of the most important pillars for a firm to hang on… Read more »

How Radio Advertising Has Become at Par with Other Advertising Media in Recent Times

gainbuzz radio advertising

‘’With radio, the listener absorbs everything”: Bob Edwards Some may say putting an advertisement on a radio channel is a waste of money. However, that’s not true at all, because even this medium still has the capacity to maximize a brand’s reach and popularity. With the digital age looming upon… Read more »

5 Ideas to Plan a Successful Media buying Strategy

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To promote and market products and services, companies use several mediums of advertisement. However, christened by market experts as the best way to make your product or service a household name, most businesses these days opt for strategic media buying plans to maximize their advertising program. Specific media buying plans… Read more »

Why Marketers Are Betting Big On Local Advertising?

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Radio and television were an integral part of mass media marketing but recent development has forced the industries to evolve. Finally, Radio and Television become an integral part of local advertising as well. Marketers and industry managers are finally getting to know the power of local advertising, which is immensely… Read more »

7 Outdoor Advertising Hacks You Must Adopt in Festival Sales

While a lot of people believe that Internet-based startups will use online advertising is obvious there are few who are breaking the monotony. Giant Internet-based businesses like Flipkart, Amazon, Shopclues, and PayTM are constantly depending on hoarding advertisements for reaching out to their customer.  Outdoor advertising is an evergreen medium… Read more »

Selling the emotional and social narration via billboards: Strategies Amul, Cadbury and Jaipurfoot use

Why there has been a drift in the way of advertising? The 21st century has started to witness a major change as to how the general public conceives thoughts, ideas and opinions on various issues. People have long started to see the whole world as a large family that has… Read more »