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Step-by-step plan for creating an Integrated Marketing Campaign

Advertising has many things that need to be done to be successful. Just saying there are many steps is not enough. But creating a successful advertising campaign is not an easy feat to undertake. Doing it alone is even more difficult. If you want to be able to reduce some… Read more »

An in-depth look at the issues surrounding cinema advertisement in 2017

In a world where companies advertise to increase their customer base or to spread awareness of themselves or their cause, you need to know what you are getting yourself into. Throwing an advertisement on the big screen expecting to make a killing, will not be wise. When you are advertising… Read more »

How cinema advertising can help grow your brand?

I recently went to a drive-in movie theater. They brand themselves as the second oldest grass drive-in in the world. They advertise themselves very well. The movie that I went to go see is a movie that people have waited for two long years. The advertisements before the movie were… Read more »

Top Advertising Media Assets Everyone Has To Spend Money Today

traditional media buying assets

Market is changing day after day and so are the requirements of marketing. You need to pick up some creative concept soon to survive in the market. This requires utilization of various media with the amalgamation of the traditional media and the modern media. Traditional media buying platforms stands for… Read more »

5 Tips For Achieving Business Goal With Print Media

print media advertising

A few decades back, the world of entertainment was limited to the print media. Newspapers, comics, magazines, weeklies, etc. were trending more. Since then print media is one of the finest ways of marketing. The competition is increasing day by day, whether it is a product based business or a… Read more »

Best Strategy That Will Save Hours Off Traditional Media Management


Are you looking to push your brand ahead on the way to success? If yes, then you might agree that marketing and branding are the crucial part to get to the success. After reading this post, for sure you will have an idea of building strategies in such a way… Read more »

4 Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing Offline Media Platforms For Your Business

Media Advertising

According to some of the gray hairs in the world of marketing, success is all about mothering a good product equipped with a good marketing strategy. Are you a firm believer of this vision? Yes. I’m too. Is traditional offline marketing dead? Traditional marketing was right there, centuries before even… Read more »

10 New Year Resolutions for Advertisers and Media Sellers to Make the Most of 2017

Switch button positioned on the word internet black background and green light. Conceptual image for illustration of Marketing Advertising Campaign and communication strategy

It’s that time of the year, we are on the cusp of entering a whole new year and the celebrations have already begun. We all have the most amazing plans for the coming year, working towards achieving our goals and improving our lives, making up for all that was left… Read more »

The Role of Advertising Designing in Successful Selling for Print Media


How much does the print media advertisement design augment into business success?  Creativity and imagination are essential when it comes to advertisements. Since the whole purpose of media advertising tools is capturing the perception and the mind of the viewers, it is vital that the design and the content of… Read more »

Factors Affecting the Level of Media Buying

Factors affecting the level of media buying

Media buying is one of the most important aspects of advertising that companies all around the world practice religiously. With the process, advertisers secure and buy media assets to increase their advertisement inventory and roadmap. Media buying also takes into account the fact that willing companies have to negotiate prices… Read more »