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10 New Year Resolutions for Advertisers and Media Sellers to Make the Most of 2017

Switch button positioned on the word internet black background and green light. Conceptual image for illustration of Marketing Advertising Campaign and communication strategy

It’s that time of the year, we are on the cusp of entering a whole new year and the celebrations have already begun. We all have the most amazing plans for the coming year, working towards achieving our goals and improving our lives, making up for all that was left… Read more »

The Role of Advertising Designing in Successful Selling for Print Media


How much does the print media advertisement design augment into business success?  Creativity and imagination are essential when it comes to advertisements. Since the whole purpose of media advertising tools is capturing the perception and the mind of the viewers, it is vital that the design and the content of… Read more »

Factors Affecting the Level of Media Buying

Factors affecting the level of media buying

Media buying is one of the most important aspects of advertising that companies all around the world practice religiously. With the process, advertisers secure and buy media assets to increase their advertisement inventory and roadmap. Media buying also takes into account the fact that willing companies have to negotiate prices… Read more »