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How radio advertising has evolved over the years


To understand how radio advertising has changed over the last century, you need to understand how radio technology has changed. Even though Marconi was officially recognized as the inventor of the radio; the actual concept of wireless communication can be attributed to everyone’s favorite mad scientist, Nikola Tesla. In the… Read more »

The Only Radio Advertising Guide You Will Ever Need

Radio has a weekly reach rate of 93% among Americans. This means that there are more people listening to the radio than using any other medium(surprising, i know!). That even means you can effectively reach more people than are playing on a smartphone – because people playing on a smartphone… Read more »

A detailed guide to creating a successful print ad campaign in today’s digital world

Yes, print ads are effective just like online ads – only they work in different ways. One issue for digital ads today is that that Google has adblocking software now. So if you are looking to bombard customers, some advertisements will still be displayed, but nowhere as many as there… Read more »