The Role of Advertising Designing in Successful Selling for Print Media

How much does the print media advertisement design augment into business success? 

Creativity and imagination are essential when it comes to advertisements. Since the whole purpose of media advertising tools is capturing the perception and the mind of the viewers, it is vital that the design and the content of the adverts should be nothing short of impressive.

If you simply pick up today’s newspaper, you will locate that most brands try their best to provide top-notch content, context, and design to woo in their customers. Although common with every single advertising medium, creativity, especially in print media, is very recurrent as it helps to inspire and pursue people and viewers to purchase or buy a brand.

So, let us go in-depth, and understand how the whole industry works and why designing and innovation in the print media advertisement business can result in successful selling and sales.

Why print media is still the jewel in the crown for advertisers

Before we dig into the context part, we’d first like you to understand the benefits of using print media. Many have argued before that this variant of advertisement is slowing dying a drastic death. However, that’s not true at all, as per statistics, print media ad revenues in India recorded an 8.5% growth in 2014, as the final figure stood at INR 263 billion. The number is all set to grow this year and ever further in the year2019.

As you can decode from the numbers, brands for the promotion of their products, still favor print media holistically. You might wonder how these numbers were achieved, but experts believe that various factors contributed to this growth.

With tier I and tier II cities becoming the backbone of the country in the last decade or so, print media advertisers have worked double shifts, to put up adverts, in these areas. Also, the ever expanding market of e-commerce also contributed to the surge.

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Finally, thanks to the relaxation of few government regulations and norms—and with the contemporary ease of doing business—more product and service launches (read: start-ups and small business) has also prompted the increased use of the advertisement medium.


The benefits of print media that advertisers love

We now know how much and why companies are still using the print media advertisement medium. However, the question remains, why they are inclined towards using this particular channel. Well, in very simple terms, press channel has several benefits. Let us understand them:

  • Cost efficient: correct usage of print media can be a very cost-effective practice. Arguably with it, you reach thousands of targeted people at one go. Not only that, with print media, you will also reach out to your niche audience in an inexpensive way. Whereas, with electronic media advertisements, you have to spend millions of rupees just to plan, produce, complete, run, and re-run one single advert. It is the same with radio adverts. However, print media strategies are cheaper to make, run, and re-run.
  • High Recall: with adverts on magazines and newspapers, there is a huge chance that you will put up a good quality message and people will actually remember it. Catching the eye is easier with print media and it has one of the most receptivity numbers in the ad industry.
  • Loyalty and relevance: when people read newspapers or magazines, they read it every day or have a regular subscription for it. Hence, you always end up with a loyal base when you put adverts on this medium. For instance, if you sell smartphones, then you will naturally put an advert on a gadget or tech magazine to capture the base.

How print media content and designing influences sales and revenue?

Print media advertising assets are one of the most influencing advertisement mediums that companies can use to attract new customers to their brand and product. So, let us take a look at how placing conceptual advertisements on magazines and newspapers can form a success formula for your business.

1. Putting in the thoughts and the vision of the company

With print media, your business gets the chance to be clear, coherent, and straightforward with its audience. The medium is so influential that companies can creatively portray their objectives, ethos, and goals through it so that the consumers can have the ability to judge their characteristics.

In the ideal conditions, advertising helps entities to improve brand image and make a relationship with the public. Print media adverts are also useful for educating people about what the brand and the organization is all about. For example, take a glance at how PayTMteaches its audience with a neat newspaper advert that tells you what exactly you need to know about the entity.

The print media adverts set the perfect example of how you can put an advert that creative and informative at the same time, thus, encouraging and exciting your customers at one go.

2. Brand building

Print adverts provide flexibilities and depth to companies, as with the medium they can seamlessly run an effective promotional campaign. In fact, to make sure that a brand becomes a household name, businesses always rely on long-term attachment through relevant media channels, for example, the print media, to build a relationship with customers.

Here, quality and in-depth adverts act as the aggregators, because on its basis, entities build their brand over the years. Yes, Bank has been doing it for a long time and now it has become a famous and reliable brand.

3. Visually attracting the customer

“Creativity without strategy is called art. Creativity with strategy is called advertisement”: Jef Richards  

You do advertising to attract the eyes and the mind of the customers. In fact, every single rupee you spend on promoting your brand, you’d expect a plausible return from the same. But, if you take out the proper context, content, and the attraction part away from your advert, then you will only be left with few words, maybe a picture, and a sentence or two.

Many companies have relied on attractive print media campaigns to capture the imagination of their customers, solely to obtain more sales.

Check out this clever advert from Paharpur Coolers filled with a clever promotional message. The company only depends on print media adverts campaigns, as it seldom runs an advert on TV or radio. Also, some world-class companies rely on print media advert to convey an important message to the public. Take a look at this innovative advert from Air India, the country’s national carrier.

Moreover, once your grab the customer’s attention and mind, you also enable them to memorize your name. If a viewer can recall your name or your product because of your advert, then you will know that you have been successful in putting up a proper and a useful campaign.

4. The ad content and product should contemplate each other

If you highlight out positive content in your advertisements, then the public will also interpret that likewise you also provide quality products or services. However, only the prominence of the message will not matter here; you will also have to back it up with decent quality in the service or product as well.

If both of these things stay in harmony, then you would be able to provide optimum utility to your audience. Your advertisement plan will only work if you have the right product to sell, and if you do not offer the advertised quality, then only after the first purchase your users will ditch you or reject your experience. Thus, it will also end your marketing campaign.

When you put up an advert, it is important you serve the customer with likewise quality that you display in your advert. Think about Amul, they have been putting print media adverts for years, and they have maintained their quality in the offerings as well—thus, making their campaign a huge success and their product a massive hit. The perfect synchronization!