4 Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing Offline Media Platforms For Your Business

According to some of the gray hairs in the world of marketing, success is all about mothering a good product equipped with a good marketing strategy. Are you a firm believer of this vision? Yes. I’m too.

Is traditional offline marketing dead?

Traditional marketing was right there, centuries before even the birth of the World Wide Web.

Nowadays, the ever proud ‘online’ world is already spewing a mammoth 2.5 quintillion bytes of data a day on the web. Appallingly, Wikipedia tells us a different story, sourced by ITU, as you can see on the following chart.

Year 2005 2014
World population 6.5 billion 7.2 billion
Not using the Internet 84% 60%
Using the Internet 16% 40%
Users in the developing world 8% 32%
Users in the developed world 51% 78%

Admittedly, there is a considerable portion of the global population who are not blessed with World Wide Web or internet. So, there is a greater part of the world which is still offline and we bet the hot word ‘Facebook status’ is still immaterial to them.

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The Point of discussing all of these?

Yes. You heard me right. We are talking about offline and online media buying platforms or assets for your business. It encases Hoardings, Bus-stop shelters, Pole kiosks, Gantries, Radio channels and some print media channels like Newspapers, Magazines and others. Offline marketing channels are still alive and undeniably, for some business they are still the fundamental marketing channels. A very recent report from Google regarding the influence of mobile on offline purchases says:

“We learned that in the past year, more than 1 in 3 people who clicked on a mobile search ad had visited the store. We earned over 8X in-store ROI when we used location extensions for display to reach home and garden enthusiasts on mobile.”

Surely, it’s capital.

Ok. Let’s come to the focal point of this article which is what to avoid when you are choosing the right offline media platforms for your business.

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So, what are the curable mistakes and what are the unseen potentials? So, here are the elemental four mistakes offline marketers should avoid.

1. No Proper Understanding of the Market & Target Audience

Wait! Can you define your business first before you try to locate your market and target audience?

Let’s consider this situation.

Are you a local boutique or a nationwide restaurant chain? Every marketing strategy starts with this question. The very definition of your product or service and what exact problem it solves. Key metrics are:

  1. Type of your business
  2. Reach (level of brand visibility)
  3. Financial volume

Your offline marketing strategy can only be designed with the answers to these questions. If you are a local boutique and you plan to print your products on the hoardings of the farthest ends of the nation rather than the local market then surely it’s a marketing disaster. So, target market and potential users can be located if and only if you give your business a proper shape.

2. No Proper Planning. No Marketing Strategy. No Groundwork or Research

Stop at once. You are roaming around blindly. It’s suicide.

It’s like setting up a plush fried chicken food chain outlet on the remotest village corner where most of the farmers don’t even know what it is. The socio-economic demography of a geographic location, the social trends, lifestyle and most importantly the social values design the particular needs of the market. If you are setting up the same fried chicken outlet on the heart of a full-scale city it would have been a great business decision.

The idea? Find the right market and put your biggest banner right in the middle of it.

So, what’s the chief focus of any market research? Thankfully, sustainability and opportunity for future growth. Evidently, any marketing strategy without any market research is like holding a next gen revolver without bullets. Surely, it’s way more than an honest mistake.

3. Do Media Platforms Provide Proper Return of Interest & Visibility Campaign?

Yes. Return on investment = Brand visibility.

Have you calculated the ROI of your marketing channels before pouring down your marketing budget into them? Do they reach your target market regularly? If yes, on what level? Will your brand get the required visibility it expects?

Calculating real time ROI of a particular offline marketing channel and living in a glass house are pretty much similar. So, do handle it with care. Key metrics are:

  • Print publications of your products or service
  • Print advertising on the popular local or national level magazines and newspapers
  • Awareness level of your direct emails based on demographic data
  • Product showcasing on social hangout and public expos

4. Are You Planning Your Expenditure Properly and Smartly

Is your marketing budget optimized within targeted channels?

According to a market research by Hingemarketing, when it comes to lead capturing speaking engagements(26.9%) are the second most successful method after referrals(26.2%). Moreover, it beats modern search engine lead capturing methods(13.9%) by a large margin. Where industry publication method(8.5%) is holding a considerable share in this particular niche.

So, where are you going to put your money? Is it the most popular marketing channel or the most targeted one? Best suggestion – it should be the combination of both.

Marketing-school says that 37% of online product searches start from TV screens, 36% of the same are influenced by the word of mouth and 30% of them are from newspaper ads. So, offline marketing is not only boosting itself but also the ‘online’ sphere.

Lastly, Designing an impressively grand marketing strategy overnight, for any product or service, is a virtual concept. Likewise, finding the right media platforms for your business is a tough nut to crack, be it online or offline but surely, these tips will help you to stay on the right track.

So, what’s your take on it? Please, do share with us.