Best Strategy That Will Save Hours Off Traditional Media Management

Are you looking to push your brand ahead on the way to success? If yes, then you might agree that marketing and branding are the crucial part to get to the success. After reading this post, for sure you will have an idea of building strategies in such a way that you can save a considerable amount of hours and bucks.

One such brand, GainBuzz is helping out businesses with the modern media strategy. GainBuzz is an online portal where you can find a lot of hoarding space sellers and buyers. If you are looking to advertise your brand, you can find best offers on hoardings at few of the finest places in your city.

Hoarding advertisements are again catching up the trend and according to Clear Channel Belgium, 44% people believe that well-decorated billboards will make a city look better. Also, they stat that over 41% of people like to have a talk on what they see on hoardings!

As GainBuzz is a pool of buyers and sellers, you get a lot of options, in selecting the outdoor hoarding seller or an advertiser. If you want to put your hoarding for rent, you can find a lot of service purchasers on GainBuzz. Moreover, it will take care of all the contracts up till the date of expiration of the contract. Let’s now take a look at how such media management strategies brought a revolution to the business fields. Before that let’s take a look at the traditional media.

Traditional Media Advertising

Traditional Media Management

In traditional media, there are a lot many tedious and time-consuming steps. Let’s take a look at what milestones come in traditional media management.

#1. Find service vendors

After you plan to put up your advertisements into press, billboards, broachers, flyers, etc. you need to go out finding a service provider. Finding a good and viable vendor will take a lot many days. It does not ensure you will get the finest and the cheapest one.

#2. Select the best

Now, it’s time to ask everyone for quotations and other services they can provide. One after the other vendors will send you their quotations and then you need to find out the best one. It will take time in getting their quotations and reviewing them.

#3. Contract

Generally, in traditional media, the agreements are made on paper. So it comes to preparing documents, proofreading them, agreement of both the parties and then signing them.

#4. Keep a watch on the services they provide

Suppose you are outdoor advertising on hoardings in various parts of the cities, and then you need to keep an eye on your hoardings. You need to see that they do not remove your banner before the contract expires. Moreover, the service vendors need to take care that they remove the banners as soon as the contract ends.

This completes the whole traditional media management strategy. It was a regular process a few years ago, but now the modern management strategies are quick and budget friendly. Let’s take a look at how the modern media management works and how could it save a lot of time.

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Modern Media Management Strategy

Things have now changed, with the Internet occupying the market. You can find everything online and this has also added digital marketing as one of the most efficient marketing methods. A report by Business 2 Community says that by 2019, mobile advertising will represent 72% of all US digital ad spending. This shows how fast is modern media expected to grow!

Let’s compare how the modern media management has taken over the traditional media management.

#1. Go online

This is one of the steps that have brought a revolution in how the strategies were built. Go online and find the vendors in minutes. You just need to search for the services you need and you will get a list of thousands of such service providers.

Again, taking an example of hoarding space renters. If you are looking for them, just go on GainBuzz and you will find a lot of good service providers in your budget.

#2. Getting quotations

This step has become comfortable, you put in your request on the Internet and you get a lot of quotations from the companies. Moreover, such service providers are on the same platform, so they try their level best to give the services at the lowest cost possible.

#3. Online contract

All the contracts are made online by emails. Moreover, drafting the contracts online has become extremely easy and if any changes are needed, they could be done quickly. Upon the agreement of both the parties, the payment could be done online.

#4. Keeping a watch

Keeping a watch has become extremely easy if you are going for digital marketing. You can quickly check out your backlinks, advertisements, etc. with a single click and that too with the comfort of your home. Moreover, if you are going for outdoor marketing, companies like GainBuzz helps you keep an eye on all your contracts.

So, this way modern media has taken over the traditional media. Finding an equilibrium among the both, usage of modern media strategies in the traditional media can output some impressive results.

Amalgamation of both the techniques and their methodologies have brought some considerable changes in the way we deal with marketing and branding. It is important that you make the better use of both the media and turn the tables on your part. Keeping the marketing efforts consistent with your brand can help you out reaching your goals.

With the increasing usage of technologies and its advancements, there has been a lot of modifications in the way you can reach out to your customers. Marketing strategies depend on the type of business you have and the people whom you want to target. Approaching your clients with the right method can prove to be efficient and rewarding!!