Top Advertising Media Assets Everyone Has To Spend Money Today

Market is changing day after day and so are the requirements of marketing. You need to pick up some creative concept soon to survive in the market. This requires utilization of various media with the amalgamation of the traditional media and the modern media.

Traditional media buying platforms stands for the older methods of marketing like print media, radio jingles, television advertisements, etc. Whereas the modern media includes the digital marketing like content marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, etc.

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Selecting the tools for marketing is a very crucial aspect, as the success or failure entirely depends on the tools you choose. So, let’s take a look at the tools that are performing extremely well these days.

(1) Digital Marketing

This is one of the most trending assets for marketing. With the usage of Internet and especially its usage with the cell phones and tablets, digital marketing is holding a good grip over the market. The most important aspects of Digital Marketing are content marketing, social media marketing and search engine optimization.

With these three major tools, digital marketing can show some awesome results. According to Alice by 2019, mobile advertising will represent 72% of the total US spending on advertisement.

(2) Television

Television advertisements cost a lot but they are very useful if screened properly. The main reason why businesses spend a lot on television ads is the mass that they can target. Moreover, a video ad is twice better than the printed ads

What people see they remember more! People prefer to see television at their leisure time, so the displayed ads will get a good amount of time to be taken into consideration. According to the reports, TV ads generate as near as double the revenue that of print media.

(3) Hoardings

Hoardings are playing a vital role in today’s marketing strategies. You can advertise your business or your products directly in front of people’s eyes in all the creative ways possible. The other benefit is that you can target a particular locality of individuals that suits your business.

To make your work easier there are brands like Gain Buzz. They have started an online platform where you can find the hoarding service providers. So, you just need to enter your desired area and it will list all the service providers in that area.

You can find a lot of sellers on the same platform and thus there is always room for bargaining and getting the best deals. Gain Buzz also takes care of the agreement and the contract completion from both the parties. They see to it that the hoarding is placed for a particular period for which the contract is finalized.

traditional media advertising

(4) Radio

Radio is a great asset for advertising since many decades. Radios were the only medium of entertainment a few decades back. Since then a lot of businesses entirely depends on Radio jingles.

Radio jingles are cheaper than a few other modes and you can get a good ROI with Radio jingles. The best part of Radio jingles is that you can target a particular locality and also a particular age group of people with a common interest. You can target particular shows on Radio channels to get such extra benefits.

(5) Newspapers

The newspaper is a leading asset in the print media. It reaches to all the corner of the country and being cheap; everyone can afford it. Putting some creative ads into the newspaper by focusing the particular crowd will help you a lot.

You can give information about your products, services, discounts, sales, etc. People of all ages read the newspaper and also there is a provision to target a particular class of individuals. Weeklies along with the papers can be of greater benefit as people have a tendency to read them at their leisure time.

Thus, you can grab your customer’s attention with newspaper ads and flyers in the newspapers.

With these five major aspects of marketing, you can get good returns on your investment in the form of new customers and business. It is important that you maintain consistency in whatever marketing you do. It has to be kept in mind that the results won’t be seen in the first attempt.

Also, keep a track record of whatever you publicize. This will help you know which ads are performing better and which are not. This way you can focus more on methods that do well and can save the cost on others.