Gainbuzz is the Leading Sponsor at TiECON Ahmedabad 2017 Conference

Gainbuzz is happily announcing its active participation in the TiECON 2017 conference. The grand event is going to held at Ahmedabad on the 4th of March 2017 and we proudly announcing that Gainbuzz is the lanyard sponsor of the auspicious occasion. We are cordially inviting everyone including our stakeholders and associates for their active participation and support to make the objective of this business conference a beneficial gathering for everyone.

TiECON 2017 Conference : Gainbuzz

Further, TiECON is one of the largest entrepreneurial conferences with the consideration to aggregate the entrepreneurs from the established economy with the new age economy. TiECON provides the platform to network and learn from Industry Luminaries, VCs, successful entrepreneurs and experienced executives.

Delegates gather to create and examine the evolving businesses and new models that are radically transforming the landscape of entrepreneurship & organizations. A forum to get connected with the mentors, to identify co-founders, to showcase ideas, get inspired, motivated and much more.

Gainbuzz dreams to share the same vision on which this TiECON conference is based. We dream to share knowledge with the conference attendees and seek expertise and experience from the same. Further, for the prior information of the attendees of this conference, Gainbuzz is a traditional and offline media asset management platform where both of the buyers and sellers of the offline media assets can use the platform for showcasing their requirements leveraging direct communications between them. We do find and manage premium advertising points across important financial area like big cities, popular malls, crowded bus stops, roadside kiosk poles and others for you have the proper exposure of your business.

Let’s unite, share, enrich and integrate the right brainstormed ideas and functionalities with our businesses for our future growth. Let’s grow together.