Here’s how expert marketers create digital outdoor advertising campaigns

When starting a digital billboard campaign, it can be difficult to know where to start, what to consider and who to contact. For any advertising campaign to be successful, you need to reach the right people who will buy your product or service. You must make sure the billboard is in a prime location. You need to do your due diligence and be prepared for the many factors that are involved in creating your outdoor media campaign. I will attempt to cover the basic ABC’s of having an electronic billboard in this blog:

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Getting the right kind of designer

You will want to get a professional designer to create your campaign. The cost for this can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. It all depends on the type of skill you hire to create your campaign. You can hire a freelance person to design your billboard at a much cheaper rate than hiring an agency. As long as your marketing needs and quality are met within your available budget, either one is a viable option.

You can find freelancers using various freelance design websites and through industry referrals. When you do hire one, you need to see some of their previous work to ensure that their skills meet your needs. Remember, this is for a digital board, and that takes a different skill than creating a static printed image for your campaign. The designer does have to take several things into consideration because it is a digital board. If you have the specifications of the board, pass that on to the designer. It is possible that the board that you are using does not have access to the entire color palette a designer would have on their system. This could be a shame if the freelancer or design firm spent a lot of time making the design, just to find out it will not work out because of color issues. It may also cost you if they have to do revisions.

Find the right kind of outdoor digital display

There are many digital boards out there. Finding the right one is important. You will need to make sure that you, or an agent on your behalf knows exactly where your digital outdoor advertising is going to be displayed . You will find out that the costs of a digital billboard will depend on many factors. Some of these factors are location, rotation cycle, and time of day that you want the add to display. The costs can vary depending on the  season. One of the most significant cost considerations in booking any form of advertisement would be the size of the ad as there is also a difference in costs based on the size and feature of the board. Case-in-point: A full color LCD board would be more expensive than a monochrome dot-matrix style digital display.

Also look at where there is any animation of the image. Some digital billboards only display static pictures. One of these billboards would rightly be less expensive than a billboard that displays a countdown to something, like maybe a grand opening or a countdown to a sale – a black Friday sale for example. Another example of a non-static board would be an advertisement of a baseball player swinging at a pitch. Some digital boards can even show live television. Much like your home cable bill, the more features you want, the more it will cost.

Consider purchasing your own billboard if you plan to advertise frequently

When you rent a billboard, you are giving someone else your money to display your advertisement. This can reduce the stress of having to purchase a billboard and putting it up yourself. That is all well and good, but what if you have an ongoing need for large, expensive displays? The billboard does not even have to be one that is high off the ground. There are some digital billboards that are only a few feet of the ground, and can be sandwiched between your regular company sign. These kinds of billboards are becoming more and more common as businesses and marketers are getting leaner and looking for ways to meet their targets within a defined budget.

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Do your homework when it comes to financials

The costs to advertise on a digital board can vary dramatically depending where you want to advertise in the country. Your chosen location can command a premium because you will be able to reach a larger clientele  because there is more footfall in the area. You would need to be careful and request detailed information for the location of the billboard and do a cost vs. benefits analysis to ensure that you are not paying more than you absolutely have to.