Newspaper flyers vs other print advertisements: an honest look

Let’s face it. Any form of print advertisement is designed with a goal in mind to get a message out. How it is done can be based on the company’s personal preference, the direction they want to follow, the industry they are in, and most importantly the company’s budget.

Newspaper flyers can be both a good thing and a bad thing. In the past people used to purchase a Sunday newspaper so that they could get the newspaper flyers that were included in them – coupons, clippings, freebies galore! These were for a variety of items. Many were for cheaper grocery coupons, which helped people living in a particular location. These advertisements were very popular at one point. They may not be as popular now as many of these same items can be received online without having to pay a premium for the newspaper.

flyer(Source: modlao website)

Now let’s look at other print media. Other print media has many of the same problems. What was once only available through a physical medium is now available online – for free! Now you may think that this means the end for print flyers and advertisements. However, the addition of online promotions does not keep people from advertising in some form of print media. In fact, people are continuing to read the newspaper or the magazine in a printed format – these have become media for targeting a certain niche of consumer who is likely to be reading a particular newspaper or magazine at any given time. One issue which print advertisement faces today is that people may not even notice the advertisements placed in a print medium unless they are actively looking. This does not necessarily mean that the advert did not hit all the required marks of being successful. What it means is that people have received a lot of junk mail in the last several years. As the quantity of both online and offline content goes up, the quality is deteriorating. In order to stand out in this climate, brands need to improve the quality and cut down on the excessive quantity.

Which brings me to my next point – no method of advertising is full proof. Even online advertising seems to have hit a snag because of the increase pace of content production and growth in technology. Online advertising is done a lot with popups and banners placed on a page. Initially, internet marketers thought they had hit a jackpot with higher conversion rates, but as consumers and readers are getting more savvy, these conversion rates are turning into bounce rates, creating negative user experience.  To counter this issue, there is technology exists to block this almost in its entirety – without there being any human interaction. This is bad news for companies that are only relying on online advertising. While such practices don’t fail every time, it is still a danger that most companies relying solely on digital marketing face. The great thing about newspaper advertising is that a person would physically need to pick up the item- they have a vested, active interest in reading the paper and its contents. Even if they wanted to throw it away after reading, it is still likely that a portion of the advertisement would be seen and creates an impact that lasts longer than a nanosecond (unlike online advertisements). Having a tangible advertisement in a flyer or print medium could even cause interest in the advertisement unlike with other channels of marketing.

Thus, for any magazines and other newspaper flyer adverts, people would see the advertisement as they are turning the pages. This is great. It can be eye catching and hopefully leads to more interest – genuine interest rather than boredom or link-bait content prompting online viewers to click on a link. The truth of the matter is that whether you use newspaper flyers or other forms of print media  – newspaper flyers may actively be sought even today. While other forms of print media may be ignored, especially if you put out poor quality content online – there are those that peruse through a magazine to see if there are any interesting ads, even today. Similarly, a standard flyer can be printed up very inexpensively and placed on car windshields or handed out to people as they are walking by. This is another form of print media that gets your name into people’s hands. That is one of the ultimate goals of marketing, whether online or offline!