An in-depth look at the issues surrounding cinema advertisement in 2017

In a world where companies advertise to increase their customer base or to spread awareness of themselves or their cause, you need to know what you are getting yourself into.

Throwing an advertisement on the big screen expecting to make a killing, will not be wise. When you are advertising you need to make sure that you know it is not a bed of green roses, nor is it a black hole of despair that you are throwing cash into. There are pros and cons to advertising at the cinema. Here, we will discuss a few of them. We have not discussed them in any order of importance, or break them apart to a list of pros and cons. Some reasons presented are have both negative and positive aspects. So, with the goal of getting a better understanding of cinema advertising in the modern age, let’s begin.

Advertising at the movies you are reaching a different kind of audience than you would with any other methods of advertising. A good reason, a pro to advertising at the movie theater is that the people want to be there. They are not going to get up and walk away or take care of other tasks while your advertisement is on the screen. You will have a captive audience at the theater. They want to be there. It is not like they have been kidnapped by an advertising kingpin and then placed at the theater. They maybe captivated, but they are not captives themselves. People go to the movies to watch a film. Taking advantage of this fact allows you to get your advertisement at least heard, if not seen and heard.

Since many companies are advertising at the theater, and they have been for a while now, the length of time before the movie starts has become nearly completely predictable. People know that when they get to the theater they have a little bit of time before their expected feature starts. This allows people to skip all of the pre-show advertisements and the previews as well. They can wait till nearly the last moment before the movie starts, and go in at the last moment. This is not a good thing for your business. This knowledge would keep many people from seeing your advertisement. This is a definite con to advertising at the cinema. It is no worse than when people skip over advertisements on regular television shows though.

That’s not all. Many people know that people will wait till the last moment to come into the theater. Knowing this, they go in early to make sure that they get a good seat. This may not be the case for all full-length features, but for highly anticipated movie releases, this can be your bread and butter. People know that the movies are going to be packed. So, they go in early so that they can get the best seats in the house. This may not work at some of the Cineplex’s that have assigned seats. That audience does not have to worry about not getting a good seat.

Playing the advertisement on the screen is cheaper than many other methods of advertising. You pay per screen per day. So, for maybe $2,000 a month you can advertise on one or two screens multiples times a day. This is absolutely a plus when deciding to play your advertisement on the big screen. But there is a dark side to this same advertisement. While playing it on the same screen that the movies will also play on is relatively cheap, getting it there is not. So, as promised, one thing is both a positive and a negative. We have already seen this, but this is a major point.

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You cannot just use your cellphone and place the advertisement on the screen. You should use a professional team to prepare your movies. Or you can just go and purchase all the goods you need to make your advertisement. I would recommend this as the way to go, if you will continue to make advertisements on a regular basis. There is a high cost to purchase the goods, but in the long run it can be cheaper than having to hire a crew each time you plan to make an advertisement. Whatever you do, never roll-out a half-baked campaign without giving it proper thought and roping in the appropriate professionals.