Christmas Advertising – A £ 300m+ marketing and that’s just UK

Christmas and New Year are the most important festivals for any brand or shop. They make sure that the importance of the festival is shown in advertising too, making this season the biggest season to spend money on advertising and promotions. This year in UK alone around £310m is going to be spent on marketing. It is actually a record breaking since 1998 which saw a huge contribution in the advertising world.

The UK TV Ad sector saw steep rise this year with 8% percent increase achieving a great number of a £3.9 billion industry. After a 14.1% drop in 2009 due to recession this is a great achievement in advertising sector.

“The rise of events like Black Friday has heightened the importance of the Christmas month for retailers, many of whom rely on the festive season for a large proportion of their sales. There is a huge concentration of spending and TV has benefited massively from that,” said Jonathan Barnard.

The forecast of UK advertising sector growth is estimated to rise to 9.7% next year making it a £17.3 billion industry.

Advertising during the season is very important and this is spent to gain; the money spent on shopping is greater than the one spent on advertising. The only catch is to be visible. To be visible you need positions to showcase your brand. So, book the places to showcase your brand through Gainbuzz at better rates.

Merry Christmas to You,